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Mentalism and Mindreading bookletAnother booklet from "Lenier’s Lair" which contains 14 different effects of both mentalism & mindreading including tests of psychometry, predictions, mind control, fortune reading and much more. As Jules says, "Mentalism is a money maker. It always was and probably will be until the day that science makes a breakthrough and everybody can really read everybody else’s mind". And there you have it! All the effects use a minimum of apparatus. Chapter 1 is entitled "Four Ideas for the Mentalist who is Completely Unprepared".
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Reviewed by Donald Bevan, Abracadabra Number 2683

These three booklets averaging 12 A5 pages each, contain mental card tricks. Except number three which has one card trick which turns into a pretty neat book test, and ESP routine and an effect with two gaffed coins.

Folio I opens with ‘Mindabililty’ a hairy favourite, the old, old 21 card trick. Except that there are subtleties here to throw anyone (laymen who may know it in particular) off the scent. Enough to produce a stunned reaction when a chosen card is named, under seemingly impossible circumstances. This is good. For a bit of fun, ‘Two Heads Are Better Than One’ involves two spectators, a deck of cards and two ‘invisible’ dice. The dice are ‘rolled’ and cards matching the number thrown placed into a spectator’s pocket. This number determines the choice of card from the rest of the deck - which by elimination turns up unexpectedly despite repeated shuffles and cuts. The final item in the Folio is ‘I’ll Get Them All’. Thirteen cards passed among spectators are remembered. Shuffled into the deck and the deck pocketed, random cards are immediately produced from the pocket on demand. No indexes! Easily learned and the routine easy to do. Strong enough to close your act!

See below for details of Folios 11 and 111, plus how to save money by purchasing the complete set.
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Folio II begins with ‘Mirror Image’, a marketed effect from 1975 which, like the other routines in this Folio requires a set-up, cleverly disguised using the ‘Stay Stack’ principle. In playing with this you could even amaze yourself at the results! ‘Just Think’ is just that - a spectator thinks of a card and you name it. As simple as that? Well, perhaps not quite because there is a bit of work to do, but it’s a routine to make people stop and think! Item three, ‘Twins’ matches two selections in the fairest manner, then hits your audience with a double climax.

See below for details of Folio 111, plus how to save money by purchasing the complete set.
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Folio III invites the reader to search among that box of odd gimmicks every magician has stored away. ‘The Mind’s Eye’ uses a double-faced card for a simple but effective book test; ‘I-Ching Prediction’ involves a tale of fate and double-sided coins with audience participation. ‘Your Mind Is Mine’ needs double-face and double-back ESP cards for a startling revelation.

If you can overhand shuffle, in and out-job, undercut and ‘throw’, you can do all the effect in these books. Even if not, then Jules Lenier gives simple instruction where needed.

See below for details on how to save money by purchasing all three folios as a complete set.
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