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Here are the notes from Myles Sinclair’s successful first lecture which was delivered at the Magic Castle, all over England, Ireland and parts of Europe. Myles talks about inventing magic, performing close-up, and also includes some good tips for children’s entertainers. There are over fifteen routines here along with advice and performing tips. Over 30 years of experience have been applied here, making this real value for money!

"A two hour potpourri of the kind of magic everyone loves with the best lecture notes Iíve seen - itís a complete book!"

Allen Tipton,
President, The Guild of Magicians, Nottingham

Uniquely Practical, Practically Unique
These are the notes accompanying Myles Sinclair’s second, and brand new lecture.
There are a dozen routines plus tips on scripting, and tricks of the trade. Covering every facet of magic this booklet takes you step by step from close-up and cabaret to kid’s entertainment.

"Iíve read through this lecture and there is some real good stuff here. The sponge ball routine called, ĎMartian Tomatoesí is so good Iím cross I never thought of it myself!"

Terry Seabrooke
International Ambassador S.A.M.

"...everything is usable! A remarkable set of instructions and tips! "

Barry Jordain

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Here's a great item by the late great Billy McComb. Here's what Terry Seabrooke said when this first became available. "Once again Billy McComb has done it!!! He has taken the Sponge Balls and made a routine suitable for close-up, cabaret and even stage, with entertainment at the highest level. No set-ups, no bulging pockets, just a trick with gags and magic for the modern audience. I have seen him work this in close-up and stage at the Magic Castle & the reaction is just terrific. You now have in your hands a routine which you will be able to work under any conditions & you will be delighted with your efforts - get those sponge balls out & try it. You will have something in your act you will be proud of." Includes Billy's own patter and gags.

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Again, a complete routine including gags for a Torn & Restored Signed card that can't be beat. McComb included all his patter, & all the moves in this booklet and he eliminated all the problems normally associated with this trick which enables you to give 100% to the presentation. "Tip-in" illustration by Billy.

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Here is a great Torn and Restored Napkin routine which you can do at any time, at any venue. As always, Billy included patter, handling, and illustrations for easy learning.

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A routine with patter which you can include in your own act. Includes a history of the paper balls as told by William, patter and complete routine.

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Here's a great opportunity to save money by buying all four of the above booklets for £16. All the routines are detailed and explained in depth, leaving nothing out!
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This seems to be one of our best kept secrets! Here is a great magical aid that will enable you to perform outstanding card effects without the need for knuckle breaking sleight of hand.

Cards treated correctly will cling together and will handle as one card. Sounds a bit like roughing fluid? Well, the advantage of Magician's Mate is that you can throw two cards onto the table and they will still hold together! yet will separate easily when required.

Complete with booklet of routines and suggestions for use. A MUST HAVE for any card or COIN worker.

"WOW" - Jay J. Jaxon
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A red lollipop and a white bagHere is a cute idea - the magician shows a grocery bag from which he takes out lollipops. All together he shows four lollipops. He keeps one for himself and gives the bag containing the other three to his helper. However, when the helper gets back to his seat, all the lollipops have vanished! Completely self-contained. No consumables used - great fun to do.

"The Signs of the Zodiac have always intrigued people through the ages. There are still today an enormous number of people who read their horoscope each day and take its advice to heart. To this end, the performer can create mystery, interest and surprise with a set of 12 cards, when actually he is doing nothing more than a packet trick! Lady spectators often express their dislike of card tricks, but using the Signs of the Zodiac can remove all their dislikes and even create a greater reaction due to the nature of the cards." This is the first paragraph in Chris Wardle’s introduction to this booklet containing 6 mind-blowing routines using our own Zodiac Cards. We were so pleased to know that Chris was inspired by one of our products to create a surprisingly easy, yet useful ‘code’ which enables the magician to perform incredibly mysterious effects that are very simple to do, with huge impact. No marking of the cards are required and all faces can be cleanly shown...and the cards never appear to be in any certain type of arrangement. The principle itself is so easy to follow, and the routines are minor miracles! All is included, Chris’ complete 12 page booklet along with a set of our Zodiac Cards. Everything you need to start working Wardle’s Zodiac Principle right away!
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Do you use E.S.P. cards? Are you thinking about incorporating them into your act? If you are, then this booklet will be invaluable! A perfect companion for the second half of Jules Lenier's lecture DVD, this covers the basics you will need to know. Learn cyclic count, the Gilbraith principal, along with four great routines that combine close-up with magical perceptive powers! Includes a Duke University type star back 25 card E.S.P. deck.


Also Known as "Just Chance", this has to be one of the best collection of routines for this effect available.

Compiled by Jules Lenier, a booklet of every classic "Bank Night" routine.

Total of eight, including his own. Each routine packs small but plays BIG!

At our price you’re paying about 60p per routine! - Now that's value for money!
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Scissors with rope through handleBack again by popular demand!!! The magician ties a loop in a piece of rope, takes a pair of scissors and throws them into the loop. The scissors VISIBLY penetrate the rope! The perfect finish to any cut and restored rope routine, or any other rope trick for that matter!!! It’s fast, clean, snappy and looks like real magic! Best of all...IT’S SO EASY!!!

The Complete Hypnotic Act bookletFrom "Lenier’s Lair", this is Jules’ famous act as performed at major night clubs throughout the United States. Lenier takes you through the complete act - all the patter resulting in no less than 16 tests. This is not a book of hypnotic "method", but a professional act in all its detail, with some of his methods, and numerous tips for successful performance.

"This is a must have for all magicians - it is full of excellent performance tools" - Billy McComb
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