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The following items are either collectors items or top of the range quality used magic props. They are one offs, so don't delay if you see something you want.

Please contact me for further details or to arrange payment, delivery or collection.

IMPORTANT.Please note that this is a private sale and several people could be making enquiries about an item at the same time. The props will always go to the first person who agrees to purchase. A sale is not agreed until you receive confirmation from me that your offer is accepted.

Here's a great puppet that you can operate almost hands free! The Gremlin type puppet is designed to sit on your shoulder and interact with you audience.

The puppet has a tube which goes over your shoulder and hangs down your back. The end of the tube has a spring loaded plunger which can be used to make the Gremlin nod his head. By twisting the plunger between your finger and thumb, the puppet shakes his head from side to side.

Great for your kids shows, you can have the puppet answer questions that require a "yes" or "no".

This item is in pristine condition as it has never been used. It's been in storage for quite a few years, so the kids won't be crying out that they've seen it! Snap it up now, before someone else does!


A superb prop from the 1950's, and a real collectors item. Manufactured by Max Andrews and stamped with the Vampire magic logo, this is a misers dream pail to die for.

The champagne bucket is made from steel and chrome plated. It looks just like the real thing, unlike some of the versions currently available.

Inside of the pail is a false bottom, so the bucket can be shown empty. Underneath the pail is where all the magic happens. There are three chambers built into the bottom of the bucket. Two are spring loaded and can feed coins one at a time, the third is a coin dump which drops the entire stack into the magicians hand when needed.

There is also a "pinger" on the underside of the bucket, which emulates the sound of coins dropping into the pail.

You can use pretty much any coins up to the size of a half dollar or old english penny, and the bucket will hold up to a staggering 50 coins!

The bucket weighs 876 grams and measures 7" high. The diameter of the bucket is 7" across at the top and slopes down to 5" across at the bottom.

This prop is in great condition, with no dents or dings, and is a great example of the ingenuity that went into the constuction and manufacture of magic in days gone by. A great find for any collector or enthusiast, as well as a great find for anyone wanting to perform the misers dream with the best apparatus for the trick!

Email request for shipping details. Remember to include which country you are from.


You may have seen David Copperfield drive his motorcycle into a large cargo net. Without any covers the net dropped open, vanishing Copperfield and motor cycle completely!

Now you can emulate this on a smaller scale with the BENGAL NET ILLUSION!

Measuring 29' by 23' this showy prop can vanish a live dove, rabbit, model motorcycle or any item of that size into the net. A stunning illusion that can be done living room to stage! Self-working & easy to do.

This item was produced by International Magic Studios back in the early 1970's. It is in great condition, and not to be confused with the cheap models currently being produced abroad.

Postage for this item within the UK is £7.50


The ultimate in Rolon tables. This particular model is based on the classic design of case to table with some additional enhancements and features that you won't find anywhere else!

The table is decorated in a timeless black and white diamond pattern. This is made from vinyl, so extremely durable and avoids the need for any painting. The table comes with a stand that can be attached to the rear of the table, and can be used for cards, books etc., The table is on casters, so can be wheeled into position, and it also contains two hand holes, should you need to lift it.

The table top can also be converted to include a well if required. This can serve as a third compartment, which can be very useful.

A vinyl cover is included which drops over the case when transporting the act. This not only gives additional protection to the case, but it also acts to stop the hinged parts from swinging outwards.

When transformed into a table, it measure 24" wide x 16" deep x 34" high.

The table can be used with or without the additional stand included. The top can also be converted so that it includes a well measuring 8" wide x 13" deep x 7.5" high

The top storage compartment when used as a table measures 22.5" x 12" x 15" high. The bottom compartment
measures 22.5" x 12" x 14.5" high.

When collapsed for transport, the case meaures 24" x 13.5" x 18.5" high

Case weighs appoximately 25lb

The table is used, but in very good condition. A Rolon table with the above unique features could easily set you back £500. So at £195 this represents excellent value.

I would prefer a pickup or collection of this item - but might be persuaded to ship by courier.

Email to arrange payment and collection.

There is no buy button available for this item, so please contact me by email if you wish to purchase. You can pay by cash when collecting. An appointment for collection would need to be arranged.

This is a one off opportunity to acquire a very special quality table, at a great price. Don't miss it!


Made by Jack Hughes circa 1973, this is a great example of the quality workmanship that made Jack famous. His props are now sought after by collectors and working magicians from all over the world.

The magician invites a spectator to lay down on his couch. A frame is put around the spectator's waist. The magician then shows an electric Black & Decker saw, and demonstrates that it is genuine by cutting a few pieces off a french loaf! The saw is then inserted into one side of the frame. The magician powers on the saw and proceeds to push the saw across the frame where it emerges from the other side!

The spectator has been sawn in half! But all is well, as when the frame is removed the spectator is seen to be back together once more.

This is a great illusion that never fails to cause excitement with an audience. There are no stooges involved. Use any member of the audience that is slim enough to fit within the frame.

The Electric Sawing in half illusion comes with it's own travel case, which transforms into a small couch for the spectator to lay on. The apparatus includes a long extention cord for when the power point is further away. This illusion is in great condition, and can be used straight away. After suitable rehearsal of course!

Email to arrange payment and collection, or request a quote for shipping. Payment needs to be made in cash if collecting, or by cheque if shipping. Item despatched after cheque clears. Purchaser pays shipping costs.



This has to be the best card sword you will ever find. The design dates back to the days of Hoffman and has a unique construction that is no longer in use.

Many of the card swords currently on the market are chrome plated and have the duplicate card in the guard of the sword. This then has to be flicked out with the thumb.

This model is completely different. Firstly it is made in steel and brass, and as you can see from the pictures would not look out of place in a stately home. Secondly, the method of delivery is ingenious. The card is actually in a slide which is mounted on the handle. This enables the design of the guard to look very natural.

The guard actually opens up when needed to allow the card to release and fly straight up the blade. This makes it the fasted card sword you can get. It allows you to time the appearance of the card right down to the nano second.

Take a look at the picture and you'll see why this was one of my favourite props. I'm still in two minds over letting this go, so better be quick before I change my mind!

Email to arrange payment and collection, or request a quote for shipping. Payment needs to be made in cash if collecting, or by cheque if shipping. Item despatched after cheque clears. Purchaser pays shipping costs.



This is a superb set of Multiplying Bottles that come in its own carrying case, as seen in the picture on the right.

Originally sold by International Magic Studio circa 1970, there are twelve bottles in the set. The two tubes measure 11 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter. Both tubes are felt lined to protect the bottles during a fast paced performance. No other sets currently available includes this protection. This is a very high quality set of bottles.

Three of the smallest bottles can hold liquid. The bottles are so well nested that you can pour drink from the bottles at any stage of the routine! Two glasses included enable performance of the passe passe bottle routine, before going into multiplying bottles.

Manufactured in metal to last a lifetime, this is a real applause getter in any type of show.

The carrying case measures 24" x 18" x 5.75". When transformed, the table measures 36" x 24" x 29" high. It is extemely well made and has compartments inside for the tubes, bottles, glasses, legs and cover. The legs have casters on the bottom, so the table can be wheeled into position,

The table alone would set you back anywhere from around £100 upwards. So to get this and the 12 bottle set for £165 is a real bargain. The case is custom made for the bottles, so it needs to be sold with the bottles. However, you can use the table in your act for other props without any problem.

The props come with the original routine supplied by International Magic.

Quality kit in excellent condition. For someone looking for a routine that can be absolutley hysteriical, and a real reputation maker, then the Multiplying Bottles should be up there on your list.


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