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Magical Wonders was founded in 1985 by Myles Sinclair, with a mission statement to provide great magic along with excellent service to those in the magic community.

In 1994, the late Patti Sinclair joined Magical Wonders. Her love of magic, along with her expertise in promotion and marketing, enabled the business to reach a much wider clientele. The annual printed catalogue produced by Patti became an eagerly awaited item from hundreds of magicians throughout the U.K.

The printed catalogue has now been replaced by the Magical Wonders website. This contains all the features of the offline version, and a few extra ones too!

Over the years, Magical Wonders has created and produced many new and exciting props, books and publications. This philosophy of adding to the world of magic continues, and new exclusive items are constantly being developed.

The original mission statement remains valid today - great service and excellent products, all bundled in with free tips, routines and advice!

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