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Anyone who has seen flash paper knows that it adds that "extra something" to any magic presentation. Its use is limited only by your imagination. Four sheets each measuring 9" x 8.5" (23cm x 21.5cm) supplied.

The same effect and uses as flash paper except it burns about five times as fast. The more you fluff it up, the faster it burns! Perfect for use in all glow-plug and flint devices.

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Like flash paper, flash string burns very quickly when touched by a spark or flame. The string can be used in comedy effects for a fuse etc., or in straight Magic. (It's great for vanishing knots!) Your imagination is the only limit to its uses! Packed in ample lengths for many effects
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These are very strong round bar magnets, sold as a pair. Made to fit the rope we supply without showing any bulge. Size of magnets 5mm x 20mm, and are manufactured in the U.K. Without doubt the very best available.

See Myles’ lecture notes "Sinclair's Sorcery" in the Exclusives section, which include, "How to Insert Rope Magnets".
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You can do at least 50 tricks with this gimmick. You can make silk handkerchiefs appear out of nowhere, do the famous cigarette through hanky trick and much more. Undetectable if used correctly, small and easy to carry around. Amaze your friends anytime. We've abreviated the name to TT so as not to give the game away to non magicians. Choose from either regular size - or king size.
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